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Are you a happy working mom?

I just posted a really great video on the Just Mommy page about how to become a happy working mother. It talks about the secret formula for being a happy, healthy and content mom while trying to achieve your own dreams in relation to your own values and principles in life. Please check it out!


Teaching your faith to the kids?

It’s Good Friday. It’s a holiday for our company and my husband asked to work from home to observe this major event for Catholics. We took our daughter to church and prayed. This is the first time that we took her to church on a Holy Week. We always hear mass on Sundays and she’s getting used to this practice. I’m sure that she still doesn’t understand but I’m sure that we can teach her whenever she’s ready…

Whenever you think that it is the right time to introduce this aspect of life to your young children, here is a guide worth considering:

1. Be welcoming and encouraging – be open to answer your child’s question about God and religion – use picture story books and videos as aid

2. Ask the child questions too. “Use words such as do you have more questions about that?”

3. Teach your children to respect other beliefs. Explain that others have different views on God, Heaven and Hell and other notions that can be very real to some people, and not at all to others.

4. Go to the local library and pick up books on the topic. Check out online resources too.

Source: eHow.com and Howtodothings.com

I finally did it!

A website for busy mothers like me. Who would think that I would have the time and energy for it?

In 1998, a year after my college graduation, I was enjoying my life as a public relations director handling major corporate accounts in Manila. In between PR campaigns, product launches and philanthropic activities, I managed to pursue a Master’s degree, go on vacation getaways, participate in church activities and spend time with my dog.

In 2003, I moved to the US for graduate school and got married a few years later.

After 5 years of marriage, a career change and painful process of learning how to cook, do laundry and other chores on my own, I am now a content wife, full-time legal practitioner for a Boston investment company, a Master’s student (again), a mother to an adorable one-year old, and loving daughter to elderly parents.

Please enjoy visiting my site and feel free to share your thoughts, stories and advice to all mothers!